Sheffield College and Sleep

James Wilson-We Love Sleep

Me: I Love Talking About Sleep

As you probably realise, I love talking about sleep. I will go near and far for an audience who are willing to listen for a while to me give me thoughts and advice on how to sleep better. My latest audience were the Students at Sheffield College, or more specifically those at the Hillsborough and Norton Campuses. The main aim of my talk was to highlight the importance of sleep to them and how a healthy sleep routine can give you a real advantage when it comes to exam time. They got really involved and it was interesting how many of them actually, suffered form Sleep Problems. There is this perception that teenagers are lazy and spend all their time in bed. In their defence they do need more sleep than us, and with their hormones, coursework and in many cases jobs they have very stressed lives. So the next time a teenager complains about being tired, show them some understanding, and point them in my direction. I think Sheffield College should be applauded for taking the sleep of their students seriously as getting sleep onto the National Curriculum in the UK is a personal crusade of mine.
We were lucky enough to have lots of media interest and both Look North and the Sheffield Star have videoed the talks. (I amy even get them up on Youtube if I ever work out how to make the video a smaller file size!) It is brilliant that the media take notice of these type of events, the more I can get in the media and help people to see the importance of sleep the quicker Britain will be sleeping better.
For some tips about sleep and revision please see my blog post from last May here


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