All Night Long-Night Lights and Light Sources

Most parents have done it, crept into their little one’s room and turned off the night light; just in case it wakes them up. It makes sense right? It does, but changing your little one’s sleep environment so significantly can lead to them waking in the middle of the night, scared and confused!!

Think about it, they go to sleep in a room lit by a dull warm glow and wake in the pitch black struggling to make out the shapes of their room. Rather than drifting off back to sleep they let you know things have changed, normally quite vocally!!

In the work I do with The Children’s Sleep Charity we find this simple measure can help kids sleep better. This also applies to any toys or sleep aids that use light (or sound) to soothe you Little One to sleep. If they can’t stay on all night think whether they are suitable in the bedroom!

So remember as Lionel Ritchie said leave the Night Light on “All Night Long”

Sleep Well,

The Sleep Geek


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  1. sweatymummy · February 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on Sweaty Mummy and commented:
    Hello Sweaty Mummies,

    I found this great post from The Sleep Geek about night lights and our little ones. A very simple post, brief & to the point but makes perfect sense.

    I thoughr Id share it with all you mummies & daddies out there.

    You can follow him on Twitter @thesleepgeek he does some interesting posts about all things sleep but recently with a focus on babies & young children.

    Check him out.

    Bye for now,

    The Sweaty Mummy

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