There Are No Such Things As Monsters

Another train journey and another blog for all you sleep lovers out there.

Today’s topic? Monsters. Monsters under the bed. Monsters in the wardrobe. Monster behind the curtains.

For many kids the fear of monsters is real. As parents many of us deal with this problem by making monster Ray guns out of washing up bottles to kill them. Or check the bedroom for monsters. Or tell them that this magic pillow protects you from monsters.

The problem with this is that it is saying

“monsters are real. But it is ok your bedroom is a monster free zone”

This means the fear doesn’t go it is just soothed.

The best thing to do I hear you ask. Tell your little one monster are not real. Because they are not. Hopefully a couple of weeks of this response and monsters will disappear from their thoughts.

Sleep Well,

The Sleep Geek


One comment

  1. sweatymummy · February 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on Sweaty Mummy and commented:
    Hello Sweaty Mummies,

    Another one for the mummy & daddy knowledge bank from The Sleep Geek.

    “There are no such thing as monsters”

    No more checking under the bed, or in the wardrobe. Why? There is nothing there!!

    Bye for now,

    The Sweaty Mummy

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